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73552101-legalLegal problems that affect seniors are growing. From administration and management of trusts and estates to durable powers of attorney the legal issues are becoming increasingly complex. To Get Started you might consider enlisting the help of an elder law attorney.

Elder law attorney is the term used by the legal profession to focus on the special legal rights and problems of seniors. Attorneys who work in this field need to master an every-changing body of laws, legislation and regulation which deal with financial planning, health care and housing as well as discrimination, abuse and consumer fraud.

The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys at provides a wealth of information about these professionals, their areas of expertise and how to locate an attorney in your area.

Life Change Checklist – be sure to review and revise the following:
✓ Durable Power of Attorney for health care and finance
✓ Wills
✓ Living Wills
✓ Beneficiary designations for all inheritance accounts
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