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Mission, Behavior, Values

Our values are rooted in our history, our people and the belief that individually and collectively we make a difference in the lives of people everyday.


Our mission is to celebrate the ART of LIFE.


Our behavior represents a common consciousness that values Autonomy, Respect, Trust, Empathy, Grace, Ability and Need.

Through our behavior we are able to operate with a single focus – doing the right thing at all times.


Our values represent who we are and are woven into our behavior.

  • Autonomy – we believe in the ability to lead
  • Respect – we honor the individual
  • Trust – we believe in each other
  • Empathy – we share in each other’s emotions
  • Grace – we are merciful in all that we do
  • Ability – we know that greatness exists in everyone
  • Need – we celebrate every opportunity to serve

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